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Installation Result Show

Installation Result Show

Product Installation Process

Product Installation Process

Toyota Hilux Revo Power Running Board

Source: Electric Side Step Model List Author: YTPIONEER Runing Boards Expert SVisit: 1270

Car Model:Toyota Hilux Revo(2015-2021)

Working Temperature:-40~80

Waterproof Grade: IP68

Unit Price: 500-600.USD

Quality Assurance: 2 Years

Package Size: 197mm*40mm*34mm

Product Weight: 41.2kg/0.265m³

Lead Time: 1-10sets/2days 10-20set/3days consult for over 30 sets


Product details

1. Product Description

YTPIONEER Car Automatic Retractable Power Side Step Electric Running Board For Toyota Hilux Revo 2015-2021.

YTPIONEER brand car electric side steps can provide more than 200 models, covering mainstream models on the market. We provide various brand models of car electric side steps such as SUV\MPV\pickup, such as Toyota Hilux Revocar brands. The automobile electric side step developed by our company adopts three different schemes of A\B\C, all of which adopt the sixth-generation design, no perforation, no line change, no abnormal noise, no maintenance, high passability and other basic design elements.

Toyota Hilux Revo Power Running Board

Car electric side step differ depending on the model, and the effect of not being installed is different. Why is there such a situation! It is mainly related to the design of the car. The holes reserved for different models are different from the side skirts of the body. For example,Toyota Hilux Revoare reserved for installation of electric side step sockets and positions, and the original car skirt is completely matched with the electric pedal. The effect of the electric side step installed on Toyota Hilux Revo is shown in the figure below!

Toyota Hilux Revo Power Running Board

The accessories of automobile electric side step include: brackets, panels, motors,ECU controllers, wiring harnesses, screw accessories, etc. However, not every car has the same accessories. Toyota Hilux Revo electric side step will be equipped with side skirts, integrated brackets, and motors And other accessories, as shown in the picture below!

Toyota Hilux Revo Power Running BoardToyota Hilux Revo Power Running Board

2. Product Core Technology

The car electric side step is also a very technical car product. The design of the car electric side step actually determines the service life of the product and affects the customer's experience. The materials used in the product can further enhance the added value of your brand. If the design and product materials of this car electric side step can be perfectly structured, you will be able to find a satisfactory product. This is the soul of our product. At present, we have designed A\B\C for automobile electric running board. There are 3 different schemes, and each scheme has its own characteristics and selling points. If you don’t know how to choose a suitable brand, we welcome you to discuss together Technology, because we are a technology junkie.

Power Running BoardPower Running Board

Quality is always the guarantee of the brand. In order to enable our YTPIONEER brand electric side step to be used normally all over the world, we have strictly carried out various product tests, including high and low temperature tests for normal product movement.

Power Running BoardPower Running Board

3. Product Supply Capacity

Our factory currently produces electric side step for more than 200 models such as Toyota Hilux Revo. Our factory is currently the only manufacturer in China that realizes assembly line production. At present, the factory successfully includes Guangzhou Automobile Toyota, Honda Automobile, JEEP Automobile, BYD Automobile, Chery Automobile, and Great Wall Motor. Do supporting production services. Our design supply capacity is 100,000 sets/month, and our factory can also provide OEM services, welcome to consult!

Power Running BoardPower Running Board

Our company can provide various convenient and fast transportation services such as sea transportation, air transportation, railway and automobile transportation all over the world. We can also provide door-to-door service and package customs clearance service, which is convenient, fast and safe.

Power Running Board

We provide globalized products and cannot do without globalized product packaging. At present, the packaging of our automotive electric pedal products is divided into: international shipping container packaging, air express packaging, and automobile packaging. We also provide brand customized packaging services. Why do we provide a variety of product packaging services, because every detail determines the added value of your product and product safety.

Power Running Board

4. About US

YTPIONEER was first established in 2011. The company has been specializing in automotive electric side step for 10 years. The models have covered most of the models on the market, such as: Toyota Hilux Revo etc Model.In 2019, the company developed brand new pickup truck manual tonneau covers, electric tonneau covers, tri-fold covers, pickup truck gantry and other products. The product positioning is more high-end and the design is more beautiful. The company has a standard factory building of more than 15,000 square meters and an office area of more than 200 square meters. Distributors from all over the world are welcome to come to discuss cooperation!

Power Running BoardPower Running Board

Our company will occasionally participate in auto products exhibitions around the world, such as France, the United Kingdom, Dubai, Shanghai and other exhibitions. Everything we do is just for you to find a quality car electric side step product.

Power Running Board

Our company has registered its own brand YTPIONEER and also pays attention to the protection of product patents. At present, we have 2 invention patents and more than 60 appearance patents. We will also pay more attention to the innovation and upgrading of product technology, as shown in the figure below!

Power Running BoardPower Running Board

5. Agent Policy

YTPIONEER brand car electric side step currently have more than 200 models, covering mainstream models such as Toyota Hilux Revo, Land Rover Range Rover, BMW X5 and so on. It is currently the most abundant brand of electric side step models on the market. At present, the company is looking for agents in blank areas around the world, the company provides policy support, and distributors around the world grow together. For more policy support, please contact us, thank you!

Electric Running Board

6. FAQ

Q1: How about Toyota Hilux Revo electric side step packaging?

A: Toyota Hilux Revo electric side step come in 2 packages, one is a skirt package and the other is a pedal package. Our company also provides customized packaging services.

Q2: What is your payment terms?
A: 30% deposit and 70% before delivery. We will show you photos of products and packaging
before you pay the balance.
Q3: What is your trading terms?
A: We use EXW, FOB, CIF and other trading terms.
Q4: What time can I order for Toyota Hilux Revo electric side step?
A: Generally speaking, shipping within 2-5 days after receiving the advance payment (within 50 sets). Please contact us for the delivery time of bulk orders. The exact delivery time depends on the quantity of your order.
Q5: Can you produce according to the sample?
A: Yes, we can produce it through your samples or technical drawings. We accept OEM and ODM orders.
Q6: What is the developing policy for new models?
A: If It is urgent to develop new models for the market, we charge the fees according to the order quantity and difficulty level. For details, please consult our staff.
Q7: Do you test all the goods before delivery?
A: Yes, we have 100% testing before delivery to ensure that all products are under perfect status before they are shipped.
Q8: How do you maintain a long-term and good relationship with us?
A: 1. We adhere to good quality and competitive prices to ensure the benefit of our customers;
    2. We regard each customer as our friend, we do business in good faith sincerely, make friends with customers, no matter where they come from.
    3. We always insist on helping our customers to sell products and grow together with us.

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