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Do trucks look better with running boards?

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Do trucks look better with running boards? Compared with trucks with no steps or fixed steps , the installation of electric side steps has a sharp increase in viewing , it not only has a sense of firmness after extending , but also has a sense of science and  technology , of course , the electric side steps not only a change in appearance , but also a lot of practical functions for turcks , electric side steps is designed for trucks, SUV, Pick ups etc and high chassis vehicles , for this type of high-chassis vehicles . electric side steps is more practical than fixed steps.

Do trucks look better with running boards?

Of course, for truck drivers, fixedsteps may be the most installed product. For electricside steps, some people find it unnecessary, but electricside stepsare an upgraded product of fixedsteps, especially for trucks with higher chassis. , The cost performance of electricside step is much higher than that of fixedsteps. The electricside step has more practical functions!

1.Good  Appearance

The electricside step open when the door is opened and close when the door is closed. After installing the electricside step, the vehicle is more luxurious. In terms of aesthetics, electricside stepsare better than fixedsteps. Fixedsteps are not only inconvenient for getting on and off the car, but also easy to get the trousers dirty. After a long time of use, people's aesthetic fatigue will appear. The electricside steps are automatically extended and contracted by motor control. , The extension or contraction can also be controlled manually, and the expansion and contraction can be controlled according to the owner's wishes.

2. Clean

During driving, the fixedsteps always sticks out, and all kinds of bad weather have to face it. Therefore, the fixedsteps needs to be cleaned and cleaned by the owner at any time, otherwise it will be easy to get on and off the car. After installing the electricside steps, it will be more convenient to clean the roof.

3. Convenience

It is more convenient to get on and off the vehicle after the electricside step is installed. The fixedsteps are generally relatively narrow after installation. Generally, customers who get on and off the car will not step on the fixedsteps, which are mainly for aesthetics and not practical.Due to electricsteps can lower the height of the pedal, it will be more convenient for passengers to get on and off the car without worrying about soiling the trousers or skirt.

Obviously, the functions of electricsteps are more than these 3 points, but we will not elaborate on them one by one. please consult us if you are interested in electric side steps

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