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How do you maintain a power running board?

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Do car electricside step need routine maintenance? The answer is yes. After installing the electricside step, many car owners feel that there is no need to maintain them, and they don’t know how to maintain them. If you let them go, the result may be that there will be problems after a period of time. Today we bring you some routines. The maintenance method of the electricside step is for the owner's reference.

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First of all, if we want to maintain the electric side step, we must know  where the problem of the electricside step is in advance,undoubtedly, the motor is the core of the entire electricside step and the most easily damaged part. The second is the bracket. The abnormal noise of the bracket is also electric. One of the most common problems with pedals, the last is lighting. Lighting is the most common problem compared to electricside steps with lights. One side is not bright or both sides are not bright, then we can completelymaintenance aim atthese problems.

1、Electricside step motor; in fact, the daily maintenance of the motor is not much, the main thing is that the motor should not be covered by mud, which affects the heat dissipation of the motor. Observing the operation of the motor is very unusual, and immediately go to the installation shop to check the cause of the problem after finding it. You can also check it regularly to avoid the problem.

2、The main reason for the abnormal noise of the electricside bracket is dust particles. A large number of dust particles enter the gap and cause abnormal noise in the later period. Therefore, we must regularly flush the electricside step bracket to ensure cleanliness, and the new generation of electricside steps are now equipped with The dust cover generally does not allow dust to enter, but in order to avoid accidents, it is better to clean it regularly. If you find that the front and rear panels of the electricsteps are not flat, please arrange for personnel to adjust in time to ensure that the front and rear panels of the electricstepare parallel.

3、Electricside step lights and car pedal panel lights are on the side. Be careful not to scratch the side. If you find that the lights are not on, these problems need to be dealt with at the installationshop. If the owner does not have the corresponding knowledge and technology, you can do it What is more is to observe more, and find that the light is dim or not bright, and go to the installation shop in time to deal with it.

4、Does the electricside step need fuel? It is best not to use oil on the electric pedal of a car. We generally use a high-pressure water gun to clean the bracket, and there is no problem with the running time. Of course, any item needs to be maintained and taken care of, and electricside steps are naturally no exception. If you want to know more aboutsteps or are interested in electricside steps, please feel free to contact us!

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