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retractable running board Are running boards worth it?

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What is the function of the electric side steps ? The main function of the car electric side steps  are to facilitate passengers (elderly, children, ladies) to get on and off the car. Automotive electric side steps  positioning is an auxiliary product for automobiles. It is aimed at high-chassis medium and large vehicles and is convenient to get on and off. Some medium and large vehicles, such as pickups, small trucks, large SUVs, luxury SUVs and other vehicles with relatively high chassis. It is more inconvenient to get on and off the car without the assistance of an electric side steps . Now the electric side steps has more than one function, and more practical effects have appeared after continuous updating and evolution.

retractable running board

In early period , the automobile side steps were not popular , we checked many netizens questions on the Internet , some netizens felt that disadvantages for installation electric side steps:

1、Partially reduce the height of the chassis, and it is easy to damage steps.

2、Your trouser will be dirty on rainy days if you do not stand the steps.

3、Some parts will dismantled when side steps install.

4、It can not pass the annual test .

5、the price is relatively high.

We also responded to the questions aim at netizens mentioned

1、For the problem of lowering the chassis, this problem did exist in some early models, but in the new generation of electricside steps, the lowering of the chassis height is greatly reduced. For some cars with higher body chassis, it can be completely ignored , and the addition of electricside steps can also protect the vehicle chassis.

2.The automaticsteps has an automatic anti-pinch function, and the expansion and contraction will automatically rebound or stop after encountering obstacles, which will not damage your car.

3.The electricside step is different from the fixedstep. The door is automatically extended when the door is opened, and the door is automatically closed when the door is closed. It has no effect on the passing of the side of the vehicle and adds aesthetics and technology to the vehicle.

4.The problem of failing the annual review is only on the fixedsteps, and the electricside step is automatically retracted to the bottom of the car when the door is closed. There is no change in appearance, and there is no problem after thetest

5.The electricside step is installed through the original hole of the body, without drilling or changing the original car line. It can be installed or removed without trace.

6.The price is relatively high. Automobile electricside step have 2 motors, 4 movable brackets, controllers, wiring harnesses, panels and other products. Compared with fixedsteps, the price will definitely be higher, but it is more convenient and improved to get on and off the car after installation. Depending on the grade of the vehicle, the expensive price is a bargain.

Electricside stepalso have many potential functions, such as: convenient cleaning of the roof, improving the beauty of the vehicle, upgrading the grade, and deepening the sideways collision avoidance. We welcome friends from allover the worldto discuss cooperation projects with our company.

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