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What are running boards used for

Source: power running boards Installation Manual Author: YTPIONEER SVisit: 1146

Automobile electric side steps are specially designed for high chassis vehicle or Luxury SUV .The purpose is that assist to high chassis vehicles to up and down easily , but it broke the single auxiliary function when electric side steps issued , and added a number of practical functions to the auxiliary function, today we will take an inventory of the functions of electric side steps.

retractable running boards

1、Assistance in getting on and off

The purpose of the vehicle steps is to assist in getting on and off the car , for some high-chassis cars , such as Ford pickups ,GMC pickups , Toyota pickups, Chevrolet pickups, Wranglers etc, due to the high chassis of the vehicle , geeting on and off the car becomes difficult, at this time auxiliary products such as electric side steps are needed to faciliate passengers getting on and off the car .

2、Improved aesthetics

Compared with electric side steps vehicle, the SUV chassis is higher than others , The good appearance after installation side steps , the electric side steps can added lights and automatically retracted functions  on the original fixed steps . the vehicle grade will highlight .

3、Add security

The step will extend the side of the vehicle , and the side step is firmly on the side of the car body , which invisibly increase the side collision resistance of the vehicle , and is more in line with the aerodynamics of the car .there is also a step with added lights that can be set to flash when turning to remind the car from behind, remind are more strong and increase the safety of car driving .

4、Easy to clean

Cleaning the roof of the car is no longer a troublesome task after installing the electric side steps, SUV generally have a taller body , it is difficulty clean without electric side steps, after installing the steps, it is easy to clean on the top of roof when stand on the steps, the steps bearing capability are about 250KG,  there is no any pressure when two people stand on steps.

5、Honorable enjoyment

The installation of an electric side steps makes getting on and off the car more convenient, enhances the driving pleasure .and makes getting on and off the car more convenient .

There are many other functions of electric side steps waiting for car owners to find one by one .at the same time , YTPIONEER is trying best to provide users with perfect car enjoyment .

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