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What knowledge of electric side steps

Source: power running boards Installation Manual Author: YTPIONEER SVisit: 1320

The automobile electric side step is that automatically open and close when door open and close . the electric side step is update products from fixed step , structure and designes are more complicated than fixed step , first there are motors to control steps , second is brackets and ECU, today we are talk about this three parts knowledges.

electric side steps

1、Electric side steps motor

Motor is mainly accessories in electric side steps and also core of the electric side step , motors are generally divided into two-wire, five-wire and six-wire motors.the two-wire and five-wire motors are more common .six-wire motors are rare in market. Two-wire motors are highest stability and running sounds are the smallest .at present , most of the Two-wire motors has anti-pinch function as the anti-pinch method .the noise of five-wire motors are bigger than two-wire motors , but it will rebound when encountering obstacles . there is no obvious difference between two anti-pinch functions, there is no distinguish which products is more advanced .

2、Electric side steps bracket

Bracket is also main part of electric side step , the bracket must have strong bearing capability and be able to normal operation .the electric side step brackets are divided into steel brackets and alluminum alloy die casting brackets at present .the alluminum alloy brackets is better than steel brackets, there are no abnormal sounds in future due to alluminum alloy brackets has high accuracy .the price of alluminum alloy brackets is a little more expensive than steel brackets.electric side step was divided into four and six brackets , SUV generally adopted four brackets at present and most of brands adopted this menthod . YTPIONEER brand electric side step is that part of big pick up , individual vehicle was adopted six brackets .such as : JEEP Wrangler four door , Ford F150 pickup , Tundra pickup etc, there are many selling points for six brackets and more profits of distributor .

3、Electric side step ECU

The position of electric side step ECU is generally located in the chassis or place in the vehicle.  High temperature and humid environment if the ECU placed in the chassis , so at present the ECU is basically placed in the cabin with new design and no damage

A part of electric side steps brands ECU are equipped with voice prompts and fault detection functions.

The ECU static current is an important indicator of the quality of the ECU, the quiet current of electric side steps on the market :1.7mA,1.5mA,1.0Ma, the highest can be 0.35mA, and the power comsumption is still low , it is guaranteed that the battery will not lose electricity in long term parking .

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