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Who makes the best power running boards?

Source: power running boards Installation Manual Author: YTPIONEER SVisit: 1504

Who makes the best power running boards? For this question , first we are talk about the brand . each of brands have theirs characteristics , the brands are divided in high-end , medium  , and low-end , mainly for price wars .for select automobile power running boards , brands are prior to serive and price .for my opinion is that brands selected are more important and different price is directly decided steps quality . power running boards still need to choose mid-to-high end brands to be more assured in later use due to technical issues.

electric slide steps

At present there are many product power running boards manufactures in global market , such as YTPIONEER\AMP\E-BORD\t-max\TJM etc automobile power running boards .actually each of brand side step has own unique and disadvantages. And it need to see car models, not each of brands are same .who makes the best power running boards? This question is too extensive ,the best way is that accuracy what is brand of electric side step .and now we will talk about the largest sales rate and power running boards brands to car owners .

1.YTPIONEER: YTPIONEER brand power running boards are mainly 2 wire motos, but also have 5 wire motos. The 2 wire motos is currently matched vehicle type and main product. The anti-pinch function of the 2 wire motor is stop and the quiet is better than 5 wire motors .YTPIONEER is best brand in the 2 wire motos, the ECU quiet current is 0.35mA. that is the highest standarder. YTPIONEER power running boards ECU are basically  achieve zero after-sales service .part of the pick up truck type is designed with 6 brackets to increase customer’s sales value. Customer can sell higher prices and obtain more profits.

2.AMP: AMP brand is highest sales at present , and the reputation in all over the world , there are more than 100 models power running boards and have distributors in all over the world . the main feature is that high price and ECU after services is more than others brands according to customer’s feedback. But in product development and design , AMP is doing very well .

3.E-BOARD\T-MAX\TJM: these brands of automotive power running boards have theirs own characteristics and selling points .the current market positioning is relatively medium , but the price is not cheap and located the middle position of price .this brands is depended on customer what kinds of power running boards they are looking for.

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