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Understanding electric running boards

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The electric running boards is an intelligent step that when the door is opened, the step is extended, and when the door is closed, the step is retracted. Electric running boards is a practical product that assists car owners in getting on and off the car. Its predecessor is a fixed side steps for cars. Compared with fixed side steps, electric running boards are more humane and technological, and solve many practical problems caused by fixed steps,to the satisfaction of car owners and passengers of different ages, the following questions are about the Understanding electric running boards.

electric slide steps

1. The working principle of the electric running boards: As the name suggests, the electric running boards is an automatic product which controls the expansion and contraction of the step through the original door signal. After the electric running boards controller receives the door switch signal, it supplies power to the motor, and the motor will control the panel retract and close. Compared with the rigidity of the fixed running boards, the electric running boards not only solves the problem of the difficulty of getting on the high-chassis car, but also has both aesthetics and humanization.

2. Does the electric running boards have lights version? Electric running boards are divided into with light version and without light version, with light version is divided into monochromatic light, colorful light, streamer colorful light. With light electric side steps version are been vigorously sold in the last 2 years. With light electric running boards version are more beautiful and more convenient to get on the car at night. Compared with fixed running boards, they show more youth and vitality.

3. Does the electric running boards safe? The most important part about an car electric running boards is the motor. The motor realizes the automatic expansion function, and the motor is usually divided into a 2-wire motor, a 5-wire motor and a 6-wire motor. According to a large amount of measured data, the stability of the 2-wire motor is higher. The safety of electric running boards is achieved through the anti-pinch function. At present, there are two kinds of anti-pinch functions of car electric running boards on the market. One is anti-pinch stop, after encountering obstacles, the expansion and contraction of the panel will automatically stop. The other is rebounding when encountering obstacles. This two kinds of anti-pinch motor are not good or bad. After a lot of testing, the life of the motor that prevents the pinch stop will be longer. As for why this happens, you are welcome to contact me to discuss.

electric slide steps

4. Can the electric running boards be turned off? At present, most of the car electric running boards on the market can be turned off. If you don't want to use it, you can turn off the electric running boards directly through the mobile phone APP or manual switch. However, the light control of the YTPIONEER brand electric running boards can also be manually adjusted through the mobile phone APP, and it can also realize the manual expansion and contraction of the electric running boards. At present, the free control of the step has been realized, and the sense of technology is stronger.

5. Car electric running boards are more intelligent: At present, our electric running boards can partially realize the automatic diagnosis function of step faults, reducing the difficulty for dealers to judge electric pedal faults.

Of course, there are also some problems with electric running boards,for example, some models will reduce the height of the chassis after the motor and the bracket are installed. At present, most of them are reduced to 2-3CM. We are already the best on the market! The ultra-quiet motor brings a different feeling to your road to the car. For more knowledge about car electric running boards, please contact us.

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