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electric running boards for trucks

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Should pickup trucks be installed with electric side steps or fixed side steps? Because the chassis of the pickup is relatively high, most pickup trucks are installed with fixed side steps currently , and some models are installed with side bars, which is very inconvenient for women, children and the elderly to get on and off . So Many owners  are willing to remove the fixed side step to install the electric side step. It is necessary for big pickup trucks to install electric side steps especially.

electric running boards for trucks

At present, there are more pickup trucks models installed with electric side steps on the market such as: Ford F150, Ford Ranger, Dodge Ram, GMC Shira, Toyota Hilux, Toyota Tantu and other major models. Pickup trucks are one of the models with the most electric side steps installed on the market currently , especially suitable for high-chassis pickup trucks. Pickup trucks are currently one of the most popular models on the market. The tough appearance meets the aesthetics of most people. The practicability of functions is deeply loved by car owners. With its excellent high floor space, pickup trucks can be easily driven in any road conditions, but the high chassis also means troubles appear, the most obvious problem is that the difficulty of getting on and off. It is fine for adults, but it is not pleasant to get on and off the for the elderly and children.

Do we need to punch holes to install the electric side steps for trucks? At present, the YTPIONEER brand electric side steps are designed for special vehicles and are free of perforation. Customers can install them directly, which is more convenient.

How about the load-bearing capacity of the pickup truck after installing electric side steps? Whether pickup trucks are prone to breakage after installing electric side steps? Our company has developed a6-bracket pickup electric side step based on the weight and height characteristics of most people in the global market, which is currently the brand with the highest load-bearing capacity. At the same time, because of the 6-bracket design, the motor of the electric pedal is placed in the middle, and the left and right balance ability is stronger than that of the 4-bracket. Currently we have 6-bracket electric pedal models such as: Toyota Hilux Vigo/Revo, Mitsubishi Triton/L200, Mazda BT-50, Isuzu MU-X/D-MAX, GMC Yukon/Sierra, Ford F150Raptor,Ford Ranger,Dodge RAM1500/2500,Chevrolet Tahoe/Colorado/S10/Silverado, Mercedes-Benz X-Class.

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