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What are electric side step ?

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The car electric side step  is an upgrade from the original fixed step. The car side step is a vehicle auxiliary product, and the electric side step adds many practical functions on the original basis, and realizes the real beauty, fashion, practicality, performance, etc. Integrated diversified auxiliary products. Automobile electric side step were originally used in Land Rover Range Rover series models, and many of the current models are developed through the reverse development of Land Rover electric side step. Now the installation of electric side step  in cars has become a fashion.

electric side step

What is an electric side step  and what are the principles and advantages of an automobile electric side step?

What are electricside step?

The step had closed when the door is closed and expaned when the door is opened. so that passengers can get on and off the car. And the car electric side step  is evolved from the car fixed step. Car fixed step  are necessary for high chassis vehicles (such as SUVs, commercial vehicles, off-road vehicles, pickups, etc.) to get on and off. They are located on both sides of the car and function like steps. The original car steps are fixed and cannot be adjusted, which affects the appearance. so there is a car electric side step. As the name implies, the electric side step uses a motor to drive the step to realize the automatic expansion and contraction ability of the car step. This is the car electric side step.

Principle of automobile electric side step

1.When you open the door. The motor runs to extend the step to the outside and stops when the step moves to the maximum distance.

2.When you close the door, the motor runs to retract the step toward the bottom of the car.

The advantages of car electric side step

1.It is more convenient for car owners to get on and off the vehicle, especially for lady, elder and kids ,and more convenient and humane.   

2.It is more good appearance after installation electric side step and expand and contract function that it is looks very high-tech and high-end .and the contract can make the whole car look more coordinated and good appearance .

Compared with ordinary step and electric side step , which will not reduce the passability of the side of the vehicle, are more in comply with automobile aerodynamics, YTPIONEER brand automobile electric side step industry has leading technology and has many patents.

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