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How long is the service life of car electric side step?

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How long is the service life of car electric side step? Is it easy to damage after installing the side step? This is a doubt of many car owners. In fact, everything has its own life cycle and years, and electric side steps are no exception. At present, the normal service life of YTPIONEER automobile brand electric side step is 5-8 years. At present, car electric side steps are very mature, and we have been producing electric side steps for 8 years. Now I will give you a detailed introduction to the issues that affect the life of the car electric side step.

The specific impact of the electric side step life cycle is summarized as follows:

electric truck steps

1. The technical strength of the electric side step brand factory. 

The service life of car electric side step begins with the design of electric side step, why say that! The height of the movable bracket of the car electric side step, the selection of the material of the movable bracket, the symmetry accuracy of the hole position bracket, the selection of the shaft sleeve, the assembly plan of the rotating shaft, the static current design of the controller, the design of the controller according to the position, etc. are all derived from the design at the beginning. At present, there are not a few manufacturers of electric side steps in the world, which will lead to uneven workmanship and quality of electric side steps on the market. Therefore, choosing a strong brand is also the primary guarantee for the life cycle.

2. The car electricside stepmotor is one of the important factors that determine the service life of the electricside step. The current car electric side step motors on the market are divided into 2-wire motors, 5-wire motors, and 6-wire motors. In our long-term experiments and technical analysis, we can determine that the 2-wire motor has a longer service life and is the most stable motor. We have a detailed analysis on the technology of electric side step motors. You can check it carefully.

3. The car electricside step controller is also one of the important consideration factors to determine the service life of the car electricside step. At present, there are two kinds of installation positions for car electric side step controllers on the market: one is in the hood and the other is in the car. Properly speaking, the service life of the controller placed in the car will definitely be longer. Also the control technology of the quiescent current of the controller, which is related to the production technology and design process of electric side step controller. YTPIONEER’s articles and shared technologies are relatively professional technologies, and people with little experience generally cannot understand what I’m talking about. But if you want to wholesale car electric side steps, you will slowly understand what I said in the later process.

electric truck steps

4. The degree of cherishment of the owner's will also determine the service life of the car electricside step. In daily use, the installation of electric side step will lower the chassis of the body by about 2 cm (depending on the car model), do not do too many challenging actions. There is also the later maintenance. After using for a period of time, you need to clean the movable bracket with water. Don't worry, the car electric side step is waterproof.

In daily use, the electric side step will basically be used for 5-8 years without any problems. The electric side step is not so delicate. For example, when the chassis of the vehicle itself is very high, such as Wrangler, Mercedes-Benz G class, etc., it is very necessary to install electric side steps. Many car owners still considering the practicality and grade of electric side steps instead of caring about the lifespan, After all, accessories of the electric side step can be replaced. No matter how expensive a car: such as Porsche, Rolls Royce, Bentley and other luxury brand cars, it is impossible there will be no problems, right?

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