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electric side step price?

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how much are automatic running boards? How much does it cost to buy a car electric side steps? How much does it cost to install a set of car electric side steps internationally? These are actually questions that many friends are familiar with. At present, I will give you an analysis of these questions.

electric side steps

First ,  why do you install electric side step for your car ? it can clearly understand what is worth of electric side step only deeply recognized this question. At present , there are pick up and SUV more popular in the gloab market . but the pick up and Hardcore SUV chasis and car body is higher in compare with others vehicle , so the  side step installation is car owner first choice , the vehicle owner can only select fixed step in the past years , but the fixed step is not convenience  to up and down , in addition , the fixed step had extend car body transverse distance , the side passability of the car body has declined , so the fixed step can not met requirements and following the electric side step had updated . the electric side step is more originally from actually demand

At present, the electric side step is installed in all over the world , and I share mainly sells electric side step price to everyone and give a retailer and distributor for reference . the electric side step price is about 1300USD/one set in the USA market , the electric side step price is about 1200USD/one set in the Europe market , the electric side step price is about 1100USD/one set in Japan and South Korea、Canada、Australia . the electric side step price in china market that might besurprised and about 300USD/one set , this is electric side step price in the gloab market 

The mainly manufacture electric side step is in China、USA、Uk、Australia、South korea.in a new moderaliztaion , a most part of products is purchased car accessories from all over the world and sell after fabrication . the electric side step is mainly supplier and biggest from china in the glabolization market . YTPIONEER brand is one of the main suppliers , and we are also the main supporting supplier for automobile production plants . the technology of china’s automobile electric side step is currently in the leading position in the global market , and it can be said to be the most cost-effective electric side step .

Friend from all over the world who would like to potential development to electric side step , It can contact with us and talk more details about cooperation.please contact with us to discuss about automobile electric side step technology、price etc .warmly welcome to consult with us from all over the world persons.

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