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Which one will you prefer in comparsion with electric side step and fixed side step?

Source: power running boards Installation Manual Author: YTPIONEER SVisit: 1463

Following the automative market stability delvelopment , SUV become more and more popular and sales volume constantly increased , but due to the SUV chasis had very limited up and down which was affected , so the extend products of automative side step become choice by SUV owner.

The side step had divided into electric side step and fixed side step, both of them have a different characteristics , but which one is more popular and suitable for SUV ?

electric side step

Fixed side Step

1.The fixed side Step is installed beside the side skirt of the vehicle body and height is almost paraller with vehicle body . the impact on the chassis height of the original vehicle is completely negligible , and has not impact on the passing of the vehicle . fixed side step height is high after installed and not convenience up and down , the sludge will spray to trousers if rainy day .

2.The fixed side step can not expand and close , which had increased car body breadth and side collossion bearing capability .it will impacted on car body side passing and flexiblity ability if the narrow road condition .

3.At present a part of fixed pedal quality is not good in the market , shake will occurred when stand on the pedal , more decoration than actually used.

4.For the high chassis vehicle , such as Jeep Wranglery、Toyota Land Crusier、Toyota Prado、Dodge Ram Pick up、GMC etc , there is no actually meaning installed after fixed pedal .for the high chassis car which is very suitable for install electric side step .

electric side step

Electric side step

1.In combined with ergonomice and distance between car body and floor which was based on fixed pedal , it was specially designed for elder , kids and lady .the electric side step can make sure easy up and down .

2.Electric side step is closed when the door close or running condition , which was hidden the groove of  the vehicle chaisis . it will met requirement to appearance from vehicle owners and avoid reducing the passability of the side of the vehicle body .

3.Is free punch to install electric side step ? actually both of them are free punch .it will really done no damage installation according to origianl car hole and without damage origianl car circuit .

4.At present electric side stpe is adopted aluminum die bracket and thicken accessories ,  bearing capability  stronger than fixed pedal . the one side of bearing capability is more than 800 catties

Above all of the conclusion what we said , do you know and decide how to chocie ?

1、For the high chassis vehicle  , we suggest electric side step .

2、For luxury vehicle , we suggest electric side step .

3、For the lower chassis vehicle , we suggest fixed pedal .

4、For the more concerning price customer , we suggest fixed pedal .

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