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What are the advantages of electric side step?

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At present, the electric side step of other models on the market are derived from the electric side steps designed by Land Rover, and the electric side step is a new design functional product based on the fixed pedal. It combines the advantages of fixed pedals and abandons the disadvantages of fixed pedals. One of the car pedal products has been loved by car owners since it came out on the market. Today, let’s talk about the advantages of car electric side steps.

electric running boards

1. It improves the passing performance of the side of the car.

For the original fixed pedals, the reduced side trafficability has always been criticized by this product. The relatively narrow road conditions are quite restrictive for the body of the fixed pedal, and the electric side step perfectly avoids such a situation. The side trafficability has no effect.

2. Be more advanced and increase the added value of vehicles

The electric side step is a step that open the door to open the step, close the door and close the step. It is automatically controlled by expansion and contract. It enriches the sense of design and technology. It brings fresh highlights to the owner's of the car. It conforms to the aesthetics of modern people, satisfies the aesthetics of society, and improves configuration the vehicle, also increase the added value of the vehicle.

What are the advantages of electric side step?

3. Convenient for the elderly, ladies and children to get on and off

For many high-chassis SUVs, such as JEEP Wrangler, Dodge Ram, Ford F150 and other large pickup trucks, after installing electric side steps, the height is lowered and it is more convenient for personnel to get on and off.

4. Protect the vehicle chassis

After the electric side step installed, the bracket is hidden in the groove of the chassis of the vehicle body. During driving, the height of the chassis is not increased, and the risk of chassis impact is also reduced, thereby protecting the vehicle chassis.

5. Does not affect the annual inspection of the vehicle

At present, some countries around the world have clear regulations on the installation and modification of vehicles, and the installation of electric side step for automobiles does not affect the annual review. The electric side step are closely compliant with the original car when they are retracted, consistent with the appearance of the original car, and do not affect the annual review.

6. Convenient for cleaning of the vehicles

The electric side step of the car is that the when step comes out after opening the door and goes back after closing the door. The contraction of the electric side step is not only automatic, but also can be manually operated. If it is necessary to clean the of the top of the vehicle, it will be better to have an electric side step.

There is no need to say much about the advantages of installing car electric side step,there are, of course, disadvantages. However, any product is not absolute, and it is constantly updated and evolved. Let's look forward to the market of more excellent steps. YTPIONEER provides you with high-quality car electric side steps only.

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