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electric running board problems

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What kind of car electric side step is the best? What are the common problems of car electric side steps? How to choose a car electric side step brands?

electric running board problems

For most car electric side step dealers or wholesalers, they may be confused, and maybe they don't know what problems they will encounter when installing car electric running boards! For most people who don't know how to avoid or solve such problems, I will now share with you the abnormal noise problem and solutions of the car electric running boards. I will share other common problems of car electric side steps with you.

electric running board problems

Electric side step bushing model

Knowledge sharing on abnormal noise of car electric side step.

For people who have installed electric side steps or car electric side steps dealers, they don’t understand why their car has been installed with electric side step only a few months before the door opening and closing noise occurs, nor do they know how to eliminate the abnormal noise of electric side steps. First of all, there are several reasons that can cause abnormal noise in the vehicle

a、Technical problems of the installer. Due to the relatively large installation holes reserved for the vehicle, the installation of different personnel will have the problem that the front and back and the top and bottom are not on the same level. This kind of problem can be solved by adjusting the abnormal noise of the electric pedal. There is another plan to solve this problem through the manufacturer's design, but currently no car electric side step factory is willing to make improvements in this area, after all, the cost is too high.

electric running board problems

Land Rover original copper sleeve (with lubrication and grinding function)

b. The factory strength of electric side steps. In order to save investment costs, many factories use laser cutting iron brackets to reduce the cost of bracket opening and finally stitch them into an electric running boards bracket by hand. Due to manual splicing, splicing errors will occur. After the bracket is assembled, the 4 connecting rods are not on the same horizontal line, and abnormal noise will appear if the time is longer. If you want to avoid similar problems with the abnormal noise of the automobile electric side step, you can only open the mold of the electric

side step bracket, and the integrated automobile electric side step lower bracket can avoid the abnormal noise of the automobile electric side step. This is why the Land Rover automobile electric side step is formed by die casting. The reason for the integrated bracket.

electric running board problems

Ordinary iron bracket (without dust cover)

electric running board problems

Manual welding bracket (poor accuracy)

c. The factory saves costs and causes abnormal noise of the electric side step. Anyone who knows about automobile electric side steps knows that electric side step brackets have many bushings. If rubber sleeves or ordinary copper sleeves are used, abnormal noise of electric side steps will occur. We recommend using a high-quality copper sleeve with a grinding function, but the current price of a high-quality copper sleeve is 3-6 RMB, and an ordinary copper sleeve is only 0.6-3 RMB. However, an electric side step of a car requires 32 copper sleeves. The cost alone can be discounted by about 60-80 RMB, which is about 15 US dollars.

electric running board problems

Electric side step ordinary copper sleeve

electric running board problems

electric side step rubber sleeve

d. The design problem of the factory. Because the factory design did not design the dust cover and used the lubrication function, it caused the electric side step rotating shaft sleeve to enter the sand or wear caused by long-term use and produce abnormal noise. At present, some electric side step factories have adopted plans to deal with this problem, but most manufacturers have not taken measures.electric running board problems

Die-cast aluminum alloy bracket (high precision and with dust cover)

e. The technical standards of the factory. At present, there are still many small factories in the market that produce electric side steps for automobiles. The technical personnel are low-level and the company management is relatively chaotic. The requirements of their electric side step factories are that they can be designed. This is an act of smashing one's own brand without long-term plans and plans. Without automobile electric side step design standards, automobile electric side step test standards, automobile electric side step production standards, automobile electric side step guarantee standards, and automobile electric side step technology research and development standards, it is impossible to produce excellent products.

electric running board problems

Die-cast aluminum alloy bracket (high precision and with dust cover)

In order to solve the above electric running board problems, YTPIONEER automobile electric side steps have established technical standards for each required automobile electric running boards, and conducted technical exchanges with various brands of automobile factories to form a total of 2062 pages of automobile electric side step standards, which guarantees our production Each of our products is qualified in all aspects of design, development, production, test run, qualified production, packaging and transportation, ensuring that each product meets our design requirements.

electric running board problems

Die-cast aluminum alloy bracket (strong bearing capacity and beautiful appearance)

For more product knowledge sharing of automobile electric side step problems, please pay attention to us!

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