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best retractable running boards

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power running board problems,The best electric side step?

    The car side stepwill definitely change with the "survival of the fittest", so the car's update is very fast, the car's accessories change is also very fast, we have developed from a fixed pedal to a more high-end and smarter electric side step and facilitatedpassengers and old people get on and off. In the past, the old society allowed us to sacrifice everything to create so-called monetary benefits. Nowadays, with our close attention to environmental issues, more people have turned their attention to new energy vehicles thataremore economical and environmentally friendly.     Electric vehicles are basically the only vehicles in the world that can achieve near zero emissions. Nowadays, becauseofenvironmental protection requirementsandthe rapid development of new materials and new technologies, electric vehicles have entered a period of rapid development, some European countries have announced the suspension of fuel trucks. The YTPIONEER electric side step factory not only provides electric side step for fuel vehicles, but now power running board problemsfor electric vehicles. Now let's discuss whether we need to install a car electric side step?

best retractable running boardsIs the car electric side stepgood?(background)

    Since the development of the four-link intelligent electric side step for SUVin 2010, the AMP company has developed the models that adapt to the electric side step are increasing year by yearin nearly nine years. Our YTPIONEER brand has provided electricside step for more than 300 kinds of vehicles. Nowadays,the car electric side stepnot only continues the AMP four-bar linkage structure,butYTPIONEER also developed the rotary and push-type electric running boards. In thecarindustry, the structure of the power running boards is still in the four-bar linkage structure, but the four-bar linkage structure has its inevitable defects. The four-link structure has its inevitable defects. The rotary and push-type electric pedals is more suitable for the installation of the lower chassis, it only increases the chassis height about 5CM, which is very suitable for the installation of urban leisure SUV and commercial vehicles.The Electric ControlPanel Unit (EFPCU) mainly realizes the function of controlling the pedal expansion with the door opening and closing. When the retractable running boardsis installed, the passengers (old people, children, women) can get on and off the car, and the grade of the car is improved significantly. Especially for the convenience of high chassis car up and down to provide very convenient services, this is the core role of electric pedals.

  The power running boards is composed of a pedal panel, a retractable mechanism, a motor assembly, a controller, a control harness, and a mounting accessory. Knowing the characteristics of the product, you can better understand the advantages of the electric running boards.

best retractable running boardsIs the car electric side stepgood?(component)

1、electric side step motor

  This is the core of the whole pedal, which controls the normal operation of the electric pedal. Although Range Rover has developed the original electric side steps of 5-wire motor, China has also developed the pedal of 2-wire motor suitable for refitting. Generally speaking, 2-wire motor is more supportive and has longer service life than 5-wire motor.The 5-wire motor, that isthe running boards motor comes out with 5 wires, 2 power wires and 3 position sensing signal wires. The 5-wire motor has three more position sensing signal lines, which feels very good, but three more brushes can not avoid the wear of the brush. The most important thing is that it can not avoid the occurrence of pinch-proof erroneous judgement in the later period.

  Two-wire motor, only two power lines. Many people propagate that it is not good to have three fewer wires than five-wire motors. In fact, this is misleading propaganda. The 2-wire motor has simple structure and long service life. Many people worry about whether there is no anti-pinch function without position sensing, but it is not. The latest electric pedal technology can deal with this problem on the controller, but the anti-pinch function is different. The two-wire motor stops moving, the five-wire motor is anti-pinch rebound, which is also the reason for the misjudgement of anti-pinch of the later five-wire motor. Now the two-wire motor has become a very popular way. Do you want a long life or a short life power side steps?best retractable running boards

  2、Electric side step panel

   The running boards panels are generally made of aluminium alloy, with the lowest bearing capacity reaching 300 KG, and the general bearing capacity of pedals is above 350 KG. The pedal surface is sprayed with anti-skid particles and special layers, which greatly improves the anti-skid performance of the pedal, thereby enhancing the pedal safety and user experience.

  3、Power running boardbracket(Retractablemechanism)

  At present, theretractablemechanism of electric pedal bracket mainly has four-link expansion type, a rotary type, a flat push type and a rocker type structure. The core of the electric pedal bracket is whether the rubber sleeve protecting the connecting rod motion mechanism can play the role of dust-proof and wear-resistant. Many pedal abnormal sounds are caused by incorrect selection or purchase of cheap accessories, which requires consultation. One drawback of the four-bar expandable electric pedal is that it is lower than the rotary structure chassis after installation, which will affect the passage a little bit, but for the refitting fans, this is nothing.best retractable running boards

  4. Electric side step control system (ECU)

  Another core accessory of the electric running boards is the electric pedal control unit. As long as the original ECU gives the signal to open the door, the pedal control unit controls the movement of the pedal, so this pedal control unit is very important. Now, due to automobile design reasons, there are two ways to put the electric running boards control unit: one is placed in the hood of the automobile engine, the other is placed in the cab of the automobile. As we all know, the engine cover has high humidity and high temperature, so the control box is very demanding.

  The electric side step control unit, the other core is the quiescent current, why many cars are not put into flames for a period of time, because the static current of the original car electrical accessories is too large. Therefore, a good electric pedal manufacturer has high requirements for quiescent current. YTOPIONEER automotive electric pedals provide you with the most demanding quiescent current design requirements, and successfully provide services for Chery Automobile, Acura, Honda and Lincoln.

  5.Get the electric side step signal mode

  At present, there are three main ways to acquire signals, one is the OBD diagnostic interface of the car, the other is the original vehicle socket pairing, the third is to find the corresponding harness using wire clamp model, and the other companies (T-MAX) using wired and wireless magnetron. The author advocates the best choice of 1 or 2 ways of installation.

best retractable running boardsIs the car electric side stepgood?(brief introduction)  

  Working principle: The door is opened, the electric side steps is automatically extended, and the pedal stops when it runs to the limit position; when the door is closed, the electric running boards is automatically retracted, and the pedal is easily retracted to the bottom of the vehicle.

  Electric side step design concept (advantages)

  1.In order to facilitate users to get on and off the car, especially women and elderly children

  2.After the electric side step is installed, the overall model is more beautiful and coordinated.

  3.Compared with fixed pedals, it is more practical

  Intelligent electric side steps has been completed to adapt to the following models: Land Rover Range Rover Vogue, Range Rover Sports, Range Rover VogueL, Discovery 5, Discovery 4, Discovery Sport, Audi Q5, Audi Q7,Lexus RX, Volkswagen Touareg, Infiniti QX60, Cadillac SRX, Volvo XC60, Volvo XC90, Mercedes-Benz ML, GL, Jeep Grand Cherokee, JeepWrangler. More than 300 models, such as horse herders(Click to view the YTPIONEER electric side step model).

  The emergence of power side step has made our cars labeled "more intelligent, more technological". The voice of many SUV owners shows that the traditional four-bar electric side step has to be innovated. Most of the new things come into being under the pressure of demand, so different electric side step structures come out and apply for patents. Now electric running boards have appeared for many years, such technology has basically matured, can be used and purchased at ease. With technological innovation to promote the renewal and replacement of electric pedals, dig out the differentiated function of electric pedals, YTPIONEER electric side steps brand to increase product welcome function, low-speed function, anti-clip function and so on to enhance the core competitiveness of our company's products.

  Welcome wholesalers, network businessmen, automobile manufacturers, automobile refitting factories and other friends from all over the world to discuss the development of automotive electric pedal industry and provide good product support for the development of their enterprises. Choose enterprises with good quality, preferential price and good after-sales service. Do you agree that professionals can write professional articles and do professional things?

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