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how to clean retractable running boards

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power running board problems,automatic running board maintenance Cleaning of Electric side step

How to clean the car electric side step? The electric side step is anautomobile accessory that is installed at the door sill of the car to facilitate passengers to get on and off the vehicle. The car retractable side stepis not only a functional accessory, but also makes your car more beautiful and practical. It is also one of the car modification products. After a long time stepping on the side steps and the inherent working environment of the electric side step, the electric side step brackets and panels are surely stained with dust and a lot of dirt, which affects the overall beauty of the car. Cleaning the side steps is an indispensable process. 

how to clean retractable running boards

Therefore, we need to pay attention to the following matters during the cleaning process:

1. During the cleaning of the side step, we can use a high-pressure water gun to clean away the large soil. The bracket part is especially important, but it is also a place that is often easy to ignore. This cleaning is beneficial to the normal operation of the side step, reducing friction and prolonging the life of the side step.

2. When cleaning the side step panel, first use the high-pressure water gun to clear the soil on the panel and scrub it with a towel, which can reduce the friction of the panel.

3. Electric side step has waterproof performance, so the motor, bracketand wirescan be cleaned with water gun. YTPIONEER electric side step brand, the waterproof performance of the motor can reach IP68, so it can be safely cleaned.

how to clean retractable running boards

Electric side step lubrication

Does the car's electric side step need lubrication? Many customers have this question! Many people in the installation shop said that if the electric side step brackethas abnormal noise, it can be done with some lubricant! The author tells you that this is a completely wrong behavior, Rememberit! Why does the electric side step bracket not need lubrication?

This should start with the bracket of the electric side step. The moving parts of the electric side step have an isolation fitting. Now the isolation fittings are available in the market with polymer rubber sleeves and copper sleeves. These two materials are self-lubricating, so no lubrication is required. The combination of lubricating oil and muddy water adds more wear and abnormal noise, which is why the addition of lubricating oil can temporarily solve the abnormal noise but the abnormal noise will occur later.

how to clean retractable running boards

Many people want to know which effect is betterfor polymer rubber sleeves and copper sleeves. The author believes that high-quality polymer rubber sleeves are betterthan copper sleeves and have a longer life. Therefore, we recommend that you use polymer rubber sleeves. However, this kind of accessory is more suitable for the 4connecting rodelectric side step. For the rotary and rock-arm type electric side step, the combination of the polymer rubber sleeve and the new copper sleeve must be the most perfect. This is mainly determined by the direction of force.

how to clean retractable running boards

Electric side step abnormal noise

So how to solve the problem of abnormal sound of electric side step? The core of the abnormal sound of the electric side step is the balance between front and back. If the balance between front and back is dealt with, the abnormal sound will disappear and will not appear again (of course, this is based on the reasonable design of the bracket). Why can regulating balance deal with this problem?

The electric side step installationis dedicated to the car, the original car hole location installation. But the size of the original car holes is different, so there will be differences before and after installation and there are errors in each installation position. That is why everyone installs the holes in different positions and balances are different.

how to clean retractable running boards

As long as the front and rear brackets of the electric side step are on the same horizontal line, the front and rear errorswithin the design range will never appear abnormal noise . YTPIONEER electric side step brand, the design requirements are China's most demanding manufacturersand products are mainly for automobile manufacturers,The production of more than 300,000 sets of products per day, the probability of abnormal noise can be controlled in one thousandth, this is already a very high standard!

YTPIONEER electric side step is one of the earliest manufacturers of electric side step in China. In numerous experiments and improvements, it is now the most stable manufacturer of electric side step in China. Electric side step control module, electric side step bracket, electric side step panelspraying are the highest standards in China. Friends interested in this can come to discuss cooperation. Some countries can set up exclusive agents. Welcome friends from all over the world to consult!

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