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where to buy power side steps

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power running board problems,where to buy power side step

Where can I buy electric side step? How to install the electric side step? How should the electric side step be chosen? How do I buy an electric side step in a foreign country? What do I have to pay for the purchase of the electric side step? What should I do after I purchase the electric side step? These problems are the core issue that often confuses customers! I am answering these frequently asked questions at the YTPIONEER electric side step brand and hope to help you with your choice.

where to buy power side steps

Where to buy electric side step (electric side step sales)

Nowadays, there are many sales channels for electric side step, such as local physical stores, domestic online purchases, global network purchases, and direct purchases by manufacturers. But now there are so many countries in the world, and the national conditions of each country are different. Many countries do not have this electric side step production factory, and some national models are not complete or the sales cost is relatively high. The average person is not willing to installatthis price. So they can only choose to buy online or buy directly from the manufacturer This is the most convenient and most favorable way. But finding the suitablebusiness or manufacturer is the most important thing, you need to carefully check the strength of the seller.

where to buy power side steps

How to install the electric side step? (electric side step installation)

How to install the electric side step after purchase? This is a problem that many people are worried about. In fact, the installation of electric side step is not a high-tech technology. Generally, large-scale auto repair shops, auto beauty shops, and car modification shops can install electric side step. Manufacturers have detailed installation instructions and installation instructors. YTPIONEER has professional after-sales guidance, responsible for guiding the installation of the business, you can rest assured.

where to buy power side steps

How should the electric side step be chosen? (electric side step purchase)

Electric side step areavailable in brands such as YTPIONEER, AMP, T-MAX, e-board, etc. Each has its own characteristics or advantages. But what I want to say is: 1. The electric side step must be installed without punching. 2. The electric side step must be installed without breaking the wire. Choose the plug-in installation, don’t choose magnet induction electric pedal. The control method of the magnet induction is the most unstable one. Everyone must be careful. 3. The electric side step must have perfect after-sales service, and after-sales service is also one of the core of the electric side step. 4. The electric side step must choose a good manufacturer, which is simple in design and easy to install. 5. The electric side step control module must choose the supporting factory of the automobile factory, so that the static current control is within a reasonable range, and the battery will not be depleted in the future.

where to buy power side steps

How do I buy an electric side step in a foreign country? How to pay the fee?

YTPIONEER electric side step brandprovides global shipment and installation guidance. Businessmen who need to buy electric side step can place ordersor draft contracts directly on Alibaba Platform, and pay to the company's U.S. dollar account. We have professional personnel to contact you to guide you how to place orders, how to payand how to choose. You just need to say yourcar model, take a number and a picture for us, and give the rest to us.

where to buy power side steps

How to deal with the after-sales problem of purchasing an electric side step?

Electric side step have been developed in China for 12 years. Now YTPIONEER offers electric side step: Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Land Rover, Ford, Dodge, Chevrolet, Buick, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mazda, Lexus, etc. The car brand has more than 200 models to choose from, and it is now the manufacturer with the most brands covering the world.

After 12 years of development, nowthe electric side step is a very mature product. We have encountered manyproblemsand every electric side step problemhas a detailed treatment plan, so the after-sales of the electric side step is quitelow, the YTPIONEER electric side step failure rate can be controlled from three thousandths to five thousandths.

If you encounter after-sales problems, please contact the sales person in charge at the first time, we will send a professional technical responsible person to contact you, free replacement parts during the warranty period!

where to buy power side steps

Electric side step knowledge point expansion

Essential conditions for high quality electric side side step:

1. The thick anti-alumina material used is matched with die-cast aluminum. High-strength aerospace aluminum frame with unilateral load capacity up to 300kg

2. Beautiful arc design, designed with a stepped side step structure, and the side step are not affected the vehicle passability, satisfying the ergonomics

3. Low power consumption, intelligent control, automatically cut off the power when not working

4.Adopt advanced two-row innernut reinforcement technology to ensure uniform force of the whole side step. Strong inner screw is fixed to ensure that the side step will never be loose.

5. Super waterproof, waterproof and dustproof level up to IP67 standard, not afraid of pulling mountains and wading, high pressure water gun

6. Independent intelligent control system, non-destructive installation

7. Anti-pinch function, sensitive to obstacles, automatic stop double protection

Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China Yongtuo Pioneer Technology Co., Ltd. is engaged in the production of automotive personalized exterior modification parts, mainly producing and operating high-quality products such as automobile electric side step, pickup truck covers, comprehensive service tracking, and strong after-sales protection. Our side step can give you a feeling of stepping forward. Shop aroundand youwillknow, the quality of our products is better, the price is more favorable, the after-sales service is better and more comprehensive.

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