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power running board problems

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Electric side step problem,Electric side steps are common faults!

The electric side step is also called the electric welcome side step. It is controlled by the door or the key is unlocked. The door is opened,(Welcome function: the key is pressed once to unlock the left side step, the key is pressed twice to unlock the right side step.) theside step automatically descends . The door is closed(press the lock button) automatically rises on the side step, which really gives a feeling of being at home.

power running board problems

The electric welcome side step is composed of power running boardand motor. Of course, it also includes electric side step bracket, electric side step control module, electric side step panel, electric side step wiring harness, electric side step motor and small parts of electric side step. Next, let's talk about how to find out the fault of electric side step and how to solve it.

There are usually two main problems of electric side step, one is that the electric side step does not work when the door isopened and closed , the other is that the abnormal sound of the electric side stepand the gap between the front and back of the electric side step is different . Now let's look for the problem that the electric side step no workingwhen the door is opened and closed.

power running board problems

When the door is opened or closed, the side step can not be retracted and is mainly divided into electrical faults and mechanical faults.

For electrical faults, you can start from three aspects:

First ,check whether the electric side step is working on one side or not working on both sides. If the two sides are not working, most of the problems are in the control module of the electric side step. Let's check them one by one. If it is not working on one side, it may be a problem with the motor. I am talking about a high probability. The specific inspection method is as follows.

power running board problems

1. Power wiresfault, central door locksignal wiresfault or motor wiresfault. Mainly depends on whether the joint is disconnected orthelineis loose contact, and the wiresis aging or broken. The author has encountered that the harness is bitten by a mouse !

2. Check if there is a problem with the electric side step module. It is not recommended to fixitbyyourself. You can drive to the store to check with the staff. The general electric side step will have a warranty.

3. Motor fault. There are fewer cases where the motor fails, but once the motoris broken, the electric side step will stop working completely. In fact, the inspection method is also very simple. If one side is good, please move the electric side stepwire harness on the good working side to the bad side, and if the motor is working properly after the switch door, it can be determined whether the motor has a problem.

4. Check whether the central door locksignal circuit is normal.

power running board problems

Electric side step mechanical failure analysis

1. There is a foreign object that hinders the side step movement. The electric side step has an anti-pinch function, that is, if there is a foreign object that hinders the side step movement, the side step will stop and prevent the person from being caught. In this case, it is first necessary to check immediately if there is any foreign object that hinders the side step from contracting.

2. When installing the electric side step, make sure that the two or three brackets are on the same plane. The horizontal of the electric side step is the most difficult to adjust, and it is easy for many installers to ignore, but you must pay attention to this when installing. When the door is opened and closed, the side step response is not sensitive. This problem occurs more, but it is also very easy to judge. Most of them are installation level problems. You can handle this situation by adjusting the horizontal.

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