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How do you maintain a electric running board

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How to maintain the electric side step? The electric side step is an upgrade from the fixed step. It is a new generation of humanized, technological, and intelligent automotive auxiliary products. It is widely loved by high-chassis vehicle owners. With the changes in the past few years, the installation of electric side step has become a necessary for high-chassis vehicles, even some high-end vehicles will have their own electric pedals,of course, it is only a few. Most vehicles still need to be installed by themselves. Does the electric side step need to be maintained after installation? How to maintain the electric side step and let it last longer?

How do you maintain a electric running board

Any product requires a certain amount of maintenance to be used for a longer period of time, and the electric side step is no exception. The way to maintain the electric side step must know the structure of the electric side step, the motor, the control box, the bracket, and the panel. These are the core of the electric side step. To maintain the electric side step is actually to maintain these main components.

The motor, the motor is the power core of the entire electric side step. The motors currently used are all waterproof. Although they are also installed on the bottom of the car, they are waterproof and high-temperature resistant. They are fully enclosed and there will be no water ingress. And will no longer be affected by high temperature. Therefore, the motor is maintenance-free currently.

The screws that fix the motor and the bracket. At present, we know that all the screws that fix the motor shaft of the car electric side step need to be tightened after about 1 year of use. Note: If it is not tightened, abnormal noise may occur later.

Bracket, bracket is the core component that transmits power to realize the expansion and contraction of the panel. At present, the bracket material of some brand products on the market is made of iron, which has a short service life and is easy to rust. Now mainstream brands are basically aluminum alloy die casting activities. The bracket is not rusty, has a relatively high accuracy and a longer service life. The brackets of mainstream car brands are basically maintenance-free and oil free. Usually you only need to rinse with high-pressure water. If you use iron brackets, you need to use lubricating oil for later maintenance to keep them smooth to avoid abnormal noise.

The panel, the panel is the most intuitive embodiment of the electric side step. The load-bearing capacity of the panel is about 300 kg, but it is only used for normal getting on and off the car, and dancing on the panel is not allowed. The panel should always be kept clean to avoid scratching the panel.

Any item needs careful maintenance, the same is true for electric side steps, YTPIONEER brand electric side steps, product technology and quality are the forefront of the industry, welcome to consult and cooperate with us.

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