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Which is better between electric side step and fixed step

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Which one is your prefer ?Electric side step or  fixed pedals. The automotive industry has always been a hot industry in the market. Especially in recent years, the sales rate of off-road vehicles and pickup trucks have been persistent for a long time, and their high chassis makes it a bit inconvenient for many car owners to get on and off the car. Installing side steps has become the choice of many car owners.

Install side steps. First of all, the off-road vehicle chassis is relatively high. After installing the pedals, it will be convenient to get on and off the vehicle. Secondly, after installing the steps, the vehicle will look wider and more atmospheric. But for off-road vehicles, it is necessary to install an electric pedal. Or is it better to install a fixed step?

Which is better between electric side step and fixed step


1. The fixed step is installed next to the side skirt of the body, and the height is almost parallel to the body, so it has almost no effect on the height of the original car chassis, and has almost no effect on the passability of the car. But compared to the original body, it will protrude horizontally, so it is easy to rub the trouser legs in rainy weather.

2. Since the fixed step is installed on the side skirt of the body, it will not be closed, which will widen the width of the body. Although it can strengthen the body's ability to withstand lateral impact, in the course of driving, if the traffic is narrow, it will affect the passing of the vehicle, and the flexibility will be lost on the road in the morning rush hour.

Electricside step

1. The electric side step is based on ergonomics. Combining the ground clearance of the off-road vehicle body and the door space, a similar stepped pedal structure is designed. When the step is lowered, the ground clearance of the step is adjusted between 130-180mm, making it easy for passengers to get on and off the car.


2. After the electric side step is installed, the bracket is hidden in the groove of the body chassis. During driving, the height of the chassis is not increased and the risk of collision is reduced.


3、The electric side step will automatically retract when the vehicle is running, and the step and side skirts will fit closely without widening the body, and will not affect the trafficability of the vehicle, and will not affect the appearance design of the model, which meets higher requirements for appearance Owner of the car.

4、 The electric side step is used to install the bracket according to the hole position of the original car with the hook screw, without breaking the line or punching, so that it can be installed truly without damage, and no trace will be left after disassembly.

5、After the electric side step is installed, it is convenient for passengers to get on and off, and at the same time increases the luxury of the vehicle.

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