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Do electric running boards affect gas mileage?

Source: power running boards Installation Manual Author: YTPIONEER SVisit: 1424

Will electric side steps affect fuel consumption? The electric side step is an upgraded product of the fixed step of the car. It enhances the flexibility and practicality of the step on the original basis. The motor control bracket realizes the automatic expansion and contraction function of the panel, which increases the sense of technology and movement. Will it affect the fuel consumption of the vehicle after installing the side step? The impact is not big. Now the following analysis is made on this issue that many car owners are concerned about.

electric running boards

1.The weight of the electric side step is between 35-48KG. Compared with the original fixed step, the electric side step adds a motor, a control box and other accessories, and all the materials of the electric side step accessories are increased in thickness, and the weight will increase. Therefore, after being installed on both sides of the vehicle body, theoretically, the quality will increase and fuel consumption will definitely increase, but this increase in fuel consumption and comfort is completely negligible.

2.After installing the car's electric side step, the wind resistance under the chassis will also increase, but the increase in fuel consumption is almost negligible. After the step installed, the weight of the chassis will increase, which increases the stability and safety of the body. Vehicles equipped with electric side step are all high-chassis off-road vehicles, and off-road vehicles are naturally indispensable for complex road conditions, so the safety is the most important and the point that car owners cared about most. Comparing the two, adding a little negligible fuel consumption and increasing the safety of the vehicle should not be too much to describe.

3.The core function of the electric side step: it is convenient for passengers to get on and off the car, The electric side step is not only to provide the stability of the car, but for the appearance, increase the temperament of the car, increase the sense of movement and fashion of the car, and for the passability, the electric side step perfectly fits without affecting the sideway passing performance of the car. After many generations of electric side steps, the new generation of electric side step has overcome the defects of lowering the chassis, eliminating the concerns of car owners.

Will the electric side step affect the fuel consumption after installaing? After summarizing the above problems, I personally think that they are completely negligible. YTpioneer brand electric side steps,who pay more attention to technology, quality, service and reputation. We welcome customers from all over the world who are interested in electric side step to consult with us!

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