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power running boards stopped working

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Why does the electric side step stop running? The electric side step is one of the most popular automotive auxiliary products for high-chassis vehicles since the fixed step. With its unique automatic telescopic function, it is convenient for passengers to get on and off the vehicle, giving the vehicle an extra sense of technology and movement. Car electric side step may also have problems when it is convenient for passengers to get on and off the car. Such as the electric side steps suddenly stop running. Now I will do a part of the analysis of the reasons why the car's electric side step stops running, and hope to help you!

power running boards stopped working

1.The electric side step switch was accidentally turned off. At present, the electricside steps of some brands of cars have switches, and the owner can independently control the movement of the electric side steps . The control switch can turn off or turn on the step at any time. One of the reasons may be accidentally touching the switch if the step suddenly does not work. After the switch is turned off, the side step is fixed in the current state, and vice versa. At present, many models of YTPIONEER brand electric side steps no longer leave the control switch when installing, all of which are controlled by one button on the mobile phone, which is convenient and fast.

2.The damagement of motor. The core component of the electric side step is the motor, which is the power source of the step, so once the motor is damaged, the step will stop working. But you have to distinguish whether one side is not working or both two sides are not working. If it is unilateral not working, the probability of motor damage is higher. There are many reasons for the damage of the electric side step motor. One is that after the step installed, the height of the vehicle chassis is reduced and the motor is scratched, making the motor damaged and not working. The other is that the motor is damaged and not working due to water entering. These are common problems of motor damagment, the Yongtuo Pioneer brand side step adopts leading technical means to reduce the height of the chassis after installation, so as to ensure the passage of the vehicle, stronger protection, tighter sealing, and no fear of water ingress.

3.The damagment of the side step fuse. If it is found that both sides of the electric side step are not working, we generally check the fuse first. The fuse of the electric side step will also be damaged, which is the most convenient way to check.

4.The damagment of the electric side step harness. If you have checked that the fuse is intact and the motor is also good, you can check whether the circuit is damaged.

5.The damagment of the electric side step ECU controller. In general, if the ECU is damaged, both sides are not working. This should be the object of the last investigation.

The stop of the electric side step can basically be determined after the above 5 steps are checked. YTPIONEER brand electric side step, technically solve the problem of electric side step adjustment operation. In the past 10 years, we have always adhered to the business philosophy of quality first and price second. We sincerely welcome users from all over the world who are interested in electric side steps to cooperate with us for a win-win situation.

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