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Are running boards adjustable?

Source: power running boards Installation Manual Author: SVisit: 1360

Is the running boards adjustable? The steps are divided into electric side steps and fixed steps. As the name suggests, the fixed steps are fixed on both sides of the door after installation. There can be no adjustments. However, the core of the electric side step is the motor control bracket to realize the automatic expansion and contraction of the panel. It is itself adjustable. The telescopic can be automatically or arbitrarily controlled by the owner. It is not only controlled by the control panel, but also on the electric side step with light. The light can also be displayed or turned off at any time following the control of the owner.

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The main reason why electric side steps are favored by car owners is that they can be adjusted. First, the expansion and contraction of the panel not only adds a sense of fashion and technology to the vehicle as a whole, but also removes the inconvenience caused by fixed steps and does not affect the side passability of the vehicle. , The anti-pinch function is added to the original foundation. When encountering obstacles, it can be retracted and stop extending. Different types of electric steps of different brands have different anti-pinch functions.

In addition to the control of the panel, lighting is also the focus of control. It is not only the switch to control the light, but also different light colors can be selected. When to turn on and when to turn off, it can be adjusted with the owner's mobile phone, which is convenient and fast, and increases the user experience.

After the electric side step has the controllability, it brings more practical functions to the vehicle, such as: clean aspects, does not affect the passability, and increases driving safety. These are also one of the reasons why electric side stpes are popular. Welcome Customers who are interested in electric side steps from all over the world consult with us.

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