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How much are electric running boards?

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How much is an electric side step ? Are car electric side steps expensive? The electric side step  is an upgrade from the fixed step,  It has added a variety of humanized functions and designs on the basis of making it convenient for the elderly and children to get on and off the car. It is more popular among car owners, but some car owners still hesitate between the price. In terms of price, electric side steps are indeed much more expensive than fixed steps, but from the perspective of cost performance, electric side steps are undoubtedly the best choice.

electric running boards?

First of all, the price of a car's electric side step has a great relationship with the brand. The brand is different, the design and materials are different, and the experience behind the audio will also be used. At present, the price of most car electric side step  on the market is generally between 500-1200 US dollars. Customers can choose according to their actual situation.

Secondly, the prices of different electric side step brands are also different. Each brand has its own differences in workmanship, materials and technical means. Of course, the price is also proportional, for example; some electric side step  brands use 2-wire Motors, some are 5-wire motors, and there are 6-wire motors, and the brackets are also divided into 4 brackets and 6 brackets. The problem of lowering the height of the chassis is the most concerned by car owners. Some brands of electric side step can reduce the height. Some are not. Technical means and material types are the dividing line between the entire price. The service life and comfort are directly proportional to the price.

YTPIONEER brand electric side step, our technical means and materials are industry-leading, there are currently more than 200 models of electric side step , with a rich variety of models, and in terms of electric side step technology, we have the most advanced technology and types. It can meet the different needs of different car owners.

Yongtuo Pioneer has 10 years of experience in the production of electric side step. We sincerely welcome customers who are interested in electric side step and want to purchase or act as agents to consult and cooperate with us. If you have the quantity or are willing to be our regional agent, we will give you a preferential price.

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