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How do you install a running board?

Source: power running boards Installation Manual Author: YTPIONEER SVisit: 1268

The steps are divided into fixed steps and electric side steps. The installation of fixed steps is relatively simple. However, the installation of electric side step is a work that requires technical support. Many car owners want to install electric side step by themselves for various reasons. Installation yourselves often takes a long time and some details are not installed properly. Therefore, it is recommended that you go to a professional installation shop to find a professional technician to install the electric side step, which will save a lot of time and ensure that the details of the electric side step are more in place when installing. More car steps installation knowledge is as follows!

electric running boards

1. Car steps are installed without drilling holes. Regardless of whether it is installed by yourself or by a professional master, you must carefully read the installation manual of the step of the model before installing, and install it according to the steps. Note: The car body is free of drilling when  install of the step. If the holes are not aligned, please be sure to check the installation manual again.

2. For some cars to install steps, you need to cut the plastic sheet under the chassis to see the installation holes. The method of finding holes is the same whether installing an electric side step or installing a fixed step.

3. The precautions for installing the car electric side step are as follows:

3.1 Check the installation instructions and the signs in the figure carefully, especially when wiring the signal wires, strictly follow the installation instructions.

3.2 When installing the electric side step ECU and wiring, be sure to avoid high-heat parts such as the engine casing and exhaust pipe to avoid damage to the product.

3.3 Although the ECU of the side step has a waterproof function, it is best not to flush or soak. Therefore, install the main box in a location where rain or car wash water is not easy to enter.

3.4 When connecting the signal line, be sure to avoid the two line short-circuiting or short-circuit with the car body, and be sure to use the wire clip provided by the manufacturer. If it is not sensitive after installation, you can remove the wire clamp and wire it separately.

3.5 Since the motor wire runs from the bottom of the car, in order to increase the waterproofness of the front of the car, after completing the docking with the motor, make sure that the connector has been tightened, and wrap the motor connector with tape to increase the waterproof performance.

Again, it is recommended to find a professional installation shop to install the step. Non-technical personnel should not try to install the electric side step easily. The installation process of the electric side step requires wiring and connection. The process is much more complicated than the installation of a fixed step. The installation time and difficulty are different. For more installation instructions of car electric electric steps, please click the installation instructions at the website update!

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