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Installation Result Show

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Product Installation Process

Lincoln MKC Electric Running Board

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1. Product Description

YTPIONEER Car Automatic Retractable Power Side Step Electric Running Board For 

YTPIONEER brand car electric side steps can provide more than 200 models, covering mainstream models on the market. We provide various brand models of car electric side steps such as SUV\MPV\pickup, such as , Toyota Highlander, Toyota Prado, Toyota Land Cruiser, Toyota Tantu and other mainstream car brands. The automobile electric side step developed by our company adopts three different schemes of A\B\C, all of which adopt the sixth-generation design, no perforation, no line change, no abnormal noise, no maintenance, high passability and other basic design elements.

Lincoln MKC Electric Running Board

Car electric side step differ depending on the model, and the effect of not being installed is different. Why is there such a situation! It is mainly related to the design of the car. The holes reserved for different models are different from the side skirts of the body. For example, Land Rover Range Rover cars are reserved for installation of electric side step sockets and positions, and the original car skirt is completely matched with the electric pedal. The effect of the electric side step installed on Toyota Prado is shown in the figure below!

Prado Power Running Board

The accessories of automobile electric side step include: brackets, panels, motors,ECU controllers, wiring harnesses, screw accessories, etc. However, not every car has the same accessories. Toyota Prado electric side step will be equipped with side skirts, integrated brackets, and motors And other accessories, as shown in the picture below!

Prado Power Running BoardPrado Power Running Board

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