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Dodge RAM

Source: Electric Side Step Sales Department Author: YTPIONEER SVisit: 1984

Australian A&R Smart customers received YTPIONEER brand electric side step, customer feedback on real effects, and Dodge RAM car electric side step renderings. YTPIONEER, as the first factory in China to produce electric side step, is currently vigorously developing the international market. We are constantly cultivating new car side step distributors and looking for car electric side step brand distributors. No matter you are in the car business, as long as you are sincere, you can contact us, we will support you and grow with you.
Dodge RAM 2500
At present, there are many brands of electric side step on the market, and many of them are well done (for example: AMP electric side steps, Bestop electric side steps, arb electric side steps, tmax electric side steps), but each one has its own Design thinking, YTPONEER brand electric side step design fully considers the design of each electric side step brand of the car. It avoids other electric side step brand problems, such as abnormal noise of electric side step, lower chassis after electric side step installation, damage to the original car line during installation, high stocking cost and so on.
Dodge RAM
Our product advantages: 1. The controller ECU is placed in the car, avoiding the high temperature and high humidity environment in the hood. Our controller can basically be done after retail.

2. 6 bracket design for some models, the core selling point. This is also a very important reason why our electric side steps are more expensive.

3. Thickening design ensures the load-bearing performance of the product, and the unilateral load-bearing capacity is 500KG.

4. Low-cost stocking can be realized

Dodge RAM

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