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VOLVO XC60 2018+Installation Manual

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VOLVO  XC60  2018+Installation Manual

APPLICATION                              YEAR

VOLVO   XC60                               2018+

VOLVO XC60 2018+Installation Manual

Electrical part installation

VOLVO XC60 2018+Installation Manual Mechanical part installation

VOLVO XC60 2018+Installation Manual

Mechanical part installation
VOLVO XC60 2018+Installation Manual
1.Refer to the accessories list to check whether the accessories are complete.
2.Distinguish the front back,right and left sides of the bracket,then place it in place it in place with the fastener for improving the speed of installation
3.Insert the corresponding t-bolt into the plastic card respectively,In order to avoid the loading process can not be completed due to the wrong operation of t-type screws inserted into the car

bottom plate.

Mechanical part installation

    VOLVO XC60 2018+Installation Manual    

1.Organize the string with tie tape,Install the removed guard plate in its original position【If  there is interference between the guard plate and the bracket,the interference part should be removed】
2.The installation is completed,check whether there is any omission in the above installation steps
Installation must be carried out in accordance with this manual.The related problems and losses caused by improper installation and use are not covered by our warranty

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