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Installation Manual for Mercedes Benz X-Class

Source: power running boards Installation Manual Author: YTPIONEER SVisit: 1443

Please click on the installation manual to download

Benz X-class Installation Manual .pdf


Installation Manual

Installation Manual

1. Install ECU, OBD and wiring

Installation Manual

Installation ManualInstallation Manual

2.Install bracket(right side)

Installation Manual
3.Install Bracket(Left side)
Installation Manual
4. install running board (left and right side are in same way)
Installation Manual
5. Testing and adjust the balance
Installation Manual
6. Checking all doors activate, the side step work when doors open and close.

Installation Manual

Automatic power deploy:
The running boards will extend down and out when the door is opened.
Automatic stop:
If an object is in the way of the moving running board, the running board will automatically stop. To reset, clear any obstruction, then
simply open and close the door to resume normal operation.
Manually set in the deployed (OUT) position for access to the roof:
Step your foot while at the same time closing the door. To resume normal operation, open and close the door.
Maintenance: In adverse conditions, debris such as mud, dirt, and salt may become trapped in the running board mechanism,
possibly leading to unwanted noise. If this occurs, manually set the running boards to avoid spraying the motors directly. After
washing, apply silicone spray lubricant to the hinge pivot pins.
Caution! Keep hands and feet away when the running board is in motion.

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