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power running board panel

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  The importance of electric side step panel?Technology of retractable running boardspanel!

  The core function of the electric side step of the car is to facilitate the customer to get on and off the vehicle, and the panel is the most important part to connect the front and rear brackets of electric running boards, so the quality of the electric side step panel directly determines the service life of the electric running boards. Many customers want to know the knowledge, process, materials and other knowledge of the electric side step panel. Now YTPIONEER will give you a deeper understanding of the electric side step panel and provide you with reference.

power running board panel

  The material of electric side step panel

  The material of the electric side step panel determines the pressure resistance and oxidation duration of the running boards .

  1. The running boards panel is made of high-quality and thick antioxidant aviation aluminium, with die-cast aluminium bracket, hard structure and high-strength aviation aluminium skeleton. The unilateral bearing capacity can reach 350 KG without worrying about the load-bearing problem. Our design requirements are: beautiful radian design, so that pedals more close to the body, more beautiful appearance.

  The panel material is an alloy die-casting process that is safer and stronger. The electric side step panel fixing method adopts the advanced two-row inner card nut reinforcement design technology to effectively ensure the uniform force of the entire pedal, and the strong inner card screw fixing makes the entire pedal never loose.

  2.Electric side step panel aluminum alloy uses 5MM steel plate thickness, far more than peers, longer durability allows you to trust, super-strong bearing gravity, guarantee the life of the entire pedal, safety and more assured.

power running board panel

  Production process of electric side step panel

  At present, the process of electric side step panel on the market is mainly divided into spray paint and spray plastic. The three-way treatment process and spray plastic are adopted to ensure the service life of the product with anti-skid and wear resistance. Now I will analyze these two processes, and you can judge the quality of each process by yourself.

  First, the most common process in the market now is to directly deal with the panel aluminium after purchase, and to start spraying with high-pressure water gun or high-pressure air gun for cleaning or drying. Although this process is simple, the electric running boards panel generally starts to fade and paint in about 3 years, so it is not recommended for everyone to use.

power running board panel

  Second,This method is also one of the ways adopted by some powerful manufacturers. After the purchase of panel aluminium material, it will be handled according to the vehicle type. Then wash the panels, pickle and spray paint. A total of three steps to complete the process.

  Third, this process is the panel process required by the automobile matching manufacturer, and it is also the most demanding process for the manufacturer. Aluminum panels are purchased and cut according to the type of car. Then the panel is cleaned, pickled, phosphated and finally sprayed. A total of four steps to complete the process, pickling and phosphating to ensure the product's spray paint or spray adhesion, not easy to paint off. The important role of plastic spraying is that the wear-resistant and skid-resistant panels ensure passengers to get on and off safely. This is also our YTPIONEER electric side steps panel production process, the panel will not discolor paint after 10 years of use.

power running board panel

  The logo of electric running boards panel

  YTPIONEER electric side steps panel can be customized logo according to customer needs . Our company uses laser engraving and logo and each car can have its own logo, which reflects the dignity of your exclusive driver and allows you to always show your unique taste and extraordinary personality.

  Load-bearing performance of power side step panel

  At present, the load-bearing capacity of electric side steps is between 150 and 350 KG. YTPIONEER requires the highest level of 350 KG. The weight of the side pedal panels of automobiles is generally about 5 to 10 kilograms. The actual weight also depends on the material, cross-section, length and style. The weight of the pedal is between 30 and 35KG. The specific weight of the pedal can be referred to the YTPIONEER model table.

power running board panel

       The length of electric side step panel

       According to the structure, we divide the car side step into three categories:

Nerf Bar, a tubular pedal that is as long as the body but at a distance from the body

Running Board, A plate pedal equal to the length of the body and integrated with the body.

Side Step,  A pedal that is much shorter than the body, separate from or connected to the body.

Our company's panel length is designed according to the original skirt length, generally reserved for the installation of car fender position, so the panel will be slightly shorter than the skirt about 20CM, if customers have special requirements, we also support customization.

 Note: The panel of the rotary electric side steps will be shorter than the panel of the deployed electric side steps. If you want to know the difference between the rotary electric running boards and the expansion electric running boards, please click: the best electric side step 

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