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power running board module

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Electric side step module? Electric side step accessories!

Electric side step ECU is the core part of controlling the whole electric side step movement , which is as important as     . The service life of the electric running boards module directly determines the service life of the electric side step, and the technology of the electric side step module determines the service life of the vehicle battery.power running board module

Electric side step module (Intelligent Control Technology)

 The independent electric retractable running boards intelligent control system must be installed without damage, without affecting the original car line and changing the original car line structure. HAL structural  sensor, extreme speed ECU, flexible response and more comfortable operation. Added key remote control system function, enjoy the function of the honorable welcome system: the remote control power running boards by the key, the unlock button is pressed once, the left running boards is extended, the unlock button is pressed twice, the right running boards is extended, and the lock button can be closed electric side step.power running board module

Electric side step module(working principle)

The working principle of electric side step module:When it is detected that the door is opened or closed, the control module drives a group of two DC motors to rotate, and the DC motor drives the crank structure to realize the extension or contraction of the power running boards.

electric side step control module quiescent currentcore

The quiescent current control of the electric side step module is the core technology of the electric side step module.Why do some people install electric side steps after about 7 days, the car has no electricity, can not start the car.This is the problem of static current control, but now there are only three manufacturers in the world who can master static current of electric side step module.Static current control is the core requirement of Automotive OEMs. YTPIONEER can provide a quiescent current of 0.35 MA electric side step module, while other manufacturers can only provide a 0.9 MA electric side step module. This is the reason why our electric side step does not lose power. Have you learned a lot after reading it?power running board module

Electric side step module installation method (installation position)

There are two ways to install electric side step on the market, one is to place them inside the engine cover, and the other is to place them in the cab of a car. The first one is adopted by most electric side step manufacturers. According to our understanding, although most factories now claim to control waterproof and heat-proof, no one can guarantee that there is no problem in the hot and humid environment. This is why the original running board of Land Rover Range Rover needs to place the control box in the rear of the car. A small number of factories use the non-waterproof control module of Land Rover, which is placed inside the engine cover . We should carefully distinguish the style of Land Rover Range module.

power running board module

Main Functions of Electric side step Controller

1.Realizing Reliable Detection of Door State on Both Left and Right Sides

2.Realization of DC Motor Driving of Two Side automatic running boards

3.Achieving the Detection of the Extreme Position of electric running boards Expansion

4.Anti-clip function: When the electric running boards is stepped on during the expansion process, the electric running boards immediately stops moving.

5.When the electric running boards is stretched out, if it meets an obstacle, it will stop moving immediately.

6.Low Speed Function: When the speed of the car is higher than 5KM/h, control the electric side step to retract automatically (if the door is not closed), when the speed is higher than 5KM/h, the electric side step will not extend to ensure driving safety (YTPIONEER electric side step brand exclusive technology)

7.The car battery is used as the power supply and the voltage is detected. Unique quiescent current control technology to ensure that the battery of the vehicle does not lose power

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