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power running board bracket

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  Electric side step bracket,Electric side step parts

  YTPIONEER electric side step brand provides Mercedes-Benz, Land Rover, BMW, Audi, Ford, Volkswagen, Isuzu, Dodge, Lincoln Navigator, Ford expedition, F150, Cadillac Escaladeand other brand automotive electric side step accessories, electric side step bracket, welcome OEM electric side step bracket, more than 200 models available.

  1 (According to stucture)

  According to the structure, it can be divided into an integrated bracket and a split bracket. How to distinguish the quality of the electric side step bracket will be analyzed in detail later.

power running board bracket

  2 (according to principle)

  The electric side step of the car is divided into four types: four connecting rod unfold type, rotary type, flat push type and rocker arm type.

  Four connecting rod electric side step (electric side step bracket principle)

  The accessories of the four connecting rod unfold type electric side step bracket are: copper sleeve/ high polymer rubber sleeve, connecting rod, locating pin, fixed accessories, screws accessories and other components. Because the bracket is movable, the copper sleeve or the polymer sleeve is very important, which directly determines the service life of the electric side step bracket and the abnormal sound of the bracket. The YTPIONEER electric side step brand is very demanding on the use of copper sleeves or polymer sleeves.

  The structure of the four connecting rod unfold bracket of the electric side step is as follows:power running board bracket

  Rotary Electric side step (Structural Principle of Electric side step Support)

  The accessories of the rotary electric side step bracket also have a copper sleeve/polymer sleeve, a connecting rod, a positioning pin, a fixing fitting, a screw fitting and the like. However, due to structural problems, the electric side step will be higher after the rotary electric side step bracket is installed, and the height of the chassis will not be lowered. This is why many people choose to rotary electric side step bracket.

  Another important reason is that the rotary electric side step has a smaller sinking range after installation, which is stronger than the four connecting rods.

  The structure of the rotating electric side step bracket of the electric side step is as follows:

  power running board bracket

  How to choose the electric side step bracket?

  Electric side step bracket determines the installation effectof the electric side step and the load-bearing capacity of the electric side step. We must carefully check the shape and structural style of our bracket. If you need to analyze and send pictures to us online, YTPIONEERwill give you reference on whether your car can be installed and whether there is a bracket suitable for your model, welcome to leave a message!

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