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power running board motor

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Electric side step Accessories ?Electric side step motor

Professional production factory of electric side step

Electric side step motor accessories factory, global wholesale electric side step  motor. From raw materials to finished products, the staff  paid a lot of effort to complete the ingenious work. It takes hundreds of manual processes to make a motor.Our products are processed by ourselves from raw materials to finished products and guarantee both quality and quantity make our customers buy from us.

technology of electric side step motor

The motor is mounted on the mounting bracket and has the motor shaft and the motor shell. The motor shaft is connected with the arm component to drive the arm component. The step of the power side is its core component. The service life of the motor also determines the service life of the electric side step.

power running board motor

the production picture of electric side step

Electric side step motor performance

YTPIONEER electric side step motor adopts the most advanced waterproof motor in China, 60MM torque waterproof copper core motor, stable operation and quiet design. It can ensure that the motor running sound is within 40 decibels, the motor works normally at -40-+80 degrees Celsius, without fear of sand and stone, the rain and snow are unimpeded, giving you an unprecedented experience and only need 20w power every time you start, when the car not working ,the control unit automatically cuts off the power supply and no longer supplies power to the motor assembly.

In the process of pedal expansion, the exponential weighted sliding average (EWMA) algorithm is used to predict the current change of pedal drive motor to realize the function of automatic stop after action is in place and automatic stop after encountering obstacles,thereby ensuring the motor to block the winding time as short as possible and greatly improves the service life of the motor and the safety of the system.

power running board motor

Electric side step motor waterproof test picture

power running board motor

Electric side step motor test picture

The difference of electric side step

The motor of the electric side step has a 2-wire motor, a 5-wire motor, and a 6-wire motor on the market. From the author's professional point of view, it is recommended to choose a 2-wire or 5-wire motor. The 6-wire motor on the market is still not very mature, and the failure rate is the highest.

power running board motor

2-wire motor picture

power running board motor

5-wire motor picture

power running board motor

6-wire motor picture

What the difference of 2-wire motor and other motor? The 2-wire motor has three position sensors missing, which is relatively simple in structure, and the after-sales failure rate of the 2-wire motor is now the lowest.

Another difference between the 2-wire motor and the 5-wire motor is reflected in the anti-pinch function. The 2-wire motor is stopped by obstacles, and the 5-wire and 6-wire motors are rebounding. This is the core difference. But the stability is totally different.

Life of electric side step

How long is the motor life of the electric side step? The life and power of the motor of the electric pedal have a great relationship with the environment in which the pedal is used. Our optional electric side step motor is suitable for the power running of the electric side step of the car. Therefore, if the quality control is stable, our motor has a normal service life of more than 10 years. The service life of ordinary motors on the market is generally 2-3 years.

power running board motor

Photos of Electric side step accessories

The motor of electric side step is the core component of electric side step. The service life of motor determines the service life of electric side step, so it is very important to choose the motor of electric side step correctly.

More knowledge about electric side step motor, welcome to join us to discuss and learn. You can pay attention to YTPIONEER's YouTube and facbook accounts.

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