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Rich modles

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Electric side step accessories factory, automobile electric side step accessories

What are the accessories for the electric side steps of automobiles?

Electric side step bracket, electric side step motor, electric side step control module, electric side step panel, electric side step wire harness, electric side step panel angle, electric side step hinge, electric side step  sensor, electric side step parts and other side step accessories. YTPIONEER brand electric side steps,providing pedal accessories for various models , OEM is acceptable, welcome global friends to consult!

Advantages of YTPIONEER Electric Side step Fittings

Rich modles

Electric side step bracket

The bracket determines its load-bearing performance. In some models, our bracket is a high-strength alloy die-cast bracket with strong load-bearing capacity and high installation accuracy. In some models, we use laser cutting and integrated bracket design. Welding is done by technicians with at least 5 years of work experience to ensure product quality. With integrated design, the carrying capacity is greatly enhanced. If you need to pick up the car, you can use the jacks or double-column lifts, scissor lifts and other lifting equipment to directly lift the car, so that it does not affect the original car function. . In some models, we use split bracket design, which is relatively simple to install and convenient. YTPIONEER designs the bracket according to the specific model, which ensures the rationality of the bracket design, facilitates the installation of the customer and prolongs the service life of the pedal.

Rich modles

Electric side step gearbox

There is a gearbox at the position of the electric side step connection bracket. The extension bracket is connected to the output shaft of a reducer, the input shaft of the reducer is connected to the output shaft of a transmission motor, the reducer is a reduction gear box, and the telescopic pedal is contracted when opening any door on one side of the vehicle. The state is extended, and when the doors on both sides are closed, the telescopic side step is changed from the extended state to the contracted state. When the new side step recognizes the signal when the vehicle door is closed and opened, the transmission motor drives the extension bracket through the gear box to realize the side step deployment and the stowage function.

Rich modles

Electric side step sensor

Electric side steps are now mostly manufactured without sensors! But some manufacturers still use magnet induction. Basically, all of our models use OBD or original car socket to pick up signals. It is simple to install, stable in signal and long in service life

Electric side step control module

The control module of the electric side step is also one of the core parts of the electric side step. The life of the control box directly determines the life of the side step, and the static current of the control module determines the life of the battery of the original car. Why can't the car ignite after some models stop for a period of time? This is the reason why the static current control is not good. YTPIONEER provides the industry's pioneering standard of 0.35 mA static current control for automotive main engine factories, perfectly leading the industry's development.

Other accessories of electric side step

The telescopic bracket and the motor are installed on the central axis of the whole mechanism. The motor drives the telescopic bracket through the mechanical connector. The telescopic bracket is connected with the side step movement. The motor and the controller are connected with the battery through the wire. The sliding rails are respectively provided on both sides of the mechanism. The sliding sleeves are arranged on the upper side of the sliding rails, and the sliding rails are connected with the side step movement. The side steps are connected by sliders.

Advantages: It makes up for the shortcomings of low chassis bus in city, improves the service function of bus, make passengers more convenient to ride. The structure design of slider can ensure the close coordination between slider and rail clearance at any time in use, reduces the noise source when the car body bumps, and improves the processing of slider and rail. The process simplifies the processing process and reduces the processing cost. It is especially suitable for low chassis passenger cars, and can also be used as auxiliary side steps for doors on other vehicles.

The side step intelligent telescoping control is adopted by the electric side step, and it has anti-clip function to ensure the safety of passengers on and off the vehicle. When the side step is not used, it shrinks and sticks under the vehicle chassis, without affecting its passing ability, and can protect the vehicle chassis. The structure is simplified and the design is reasonable.

Electric side step factory cooperation policy 

YPIONEER provides perfect after-sales service and preferential agency policies of various countries. Welcome to consult. Cooperative hotline: 008613350863622.

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