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YTPIONEER Product Pricing

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How much is the Electric Side Step? Car Electric Side Step / Running Board price!

How much does the car's Electric Side Step sell? This issue is a matter of great concern to both consumers and wholesalers everywhere, but when discussing price, people must pay attention to the problems of Electric Side Steps, such as product quality, accessory quality, after-sales service, product warranty and other related problems. Now YTPIONEER will give you an in-depth analysis of the problems for the consumers’ reference.

 YTPIONEER Product Pricing

The Car Electric Side Steps includes motors, a set of harness, a control module, brackets, and a pedal panel. If you need to know the price of the car's Electric Side Step, you must first correctly distinguish the type of Electric Side Step accessories. First, the Electric running boards is divided into 2-wire motor and 5-wire motor. Many people will ask where is the difference between a 2-wire motor and a 5-wire motor? This is also a problem that the car Electric Side Step consumers concern. The 2-wire motor has only one positive pole and one negative pole. 

Compared to the 5-wire motor, there are three position sensing brushes. The 2-wire motor has a relatively simple structure and a long life in the later stage, which is especially suitable for places where the temperature is relatively low. The 5-wire motor structure is relatively 

complicated. Because of the position-sensing brush, the electric retractable pedal encounters obstacles rebounding during operation instead of stopping when it is touching obstacles like a 2-wire motor. This is a 2-wire motor and 5-wire motor’s core difference. The 5-wire motor is most prone to anti-clamp misjudgment, which is why it is best to choose a 2-wire motor in a low temperature region.

YTPIONEER Product Pricingpower running board module 

The price of the Electric Side Step of the car also depends on where the Electric Side Step control module is placed. The Electric Side Step control module of the car is the brain of the Electric Side Step, which is the core component like the ECU of the car. There are two types of Electric Side Step control module on the market. One is to place the Electric Side Step control module inside the engine cover, and the other is to place the Electric Side Step control module in the car. Everyone knows it very clearly that inside the car engine cover the temperature and humidity is particularly high. Although most Electric Side Step brand manufacturers say their control module are waterproof and insulated. 

However, YTPIONEER tells you very seriously that the life of the Electric Side Step control box in the cover is only one third of the control box placed in the car. Moreover, some manufacturers now use the non-waterproof control box of the Land Rover car style. The Land Rover Electric Side Step control box is designed to be protected inside the car, and now it is placed outside the car,  so its life span has been influenced very obviously.

power running board parts 

The price of a car's Electric Side Step depends on the car's Electric Side Step bracket. Nowadays, the brackets of Electric Side Steps on the market are divided into one-piece brackets(or integrated brackets) and split brackets(or divided brackets). The difference lies in two aspects, namely technical requirements and chassis clearance height problems. First: the integrated bracket has higher technical requirements. In China, the integrated bracket production company uses the chassis computer scanner. The split bracket production factory uses mechanical measuring tools, so the production precision is limited. The gap of the Electric Side Step after installation is not easy to be adjusted.  Second: Since the one-piece bracket has only one connecting surface, the bracket is short, and the height of the chassis is higher than split brackets after installation, which does not affect the passing performance of the car. After the YTPIONEER test, the chassis clearance height of the integrated bracket is increased by 3-6CM than the height of the split bracket. This is not a small chassis clearance progress!

 YTPIONEER Product Pricing

ford expedition power running board bracket

The price of the Electric Side Step of the car also depends on the different making process of wiring of the Electric Side Step, the panel and the bracket. If there is one step less in the manufacturing process, the cost can be lower to $6. YTPIONEER is among the few manufacturers that use three production processes in the panel making, acid cleaning, phosphating, third step plastic spraying. By the three-step process, the YTPIONEER brand pedal panel can be used for more than 10 years without losing color and paint.


What is the price of YTPIONEER car Electric Side Step with such strict design requirements and such a strict process. Is the price of the YTPIONEER Electric Side Step brand very expensive? Our factory now has a wholesale price between $350 and $500. The price depends on your order quantity. After all, the factory relies on the volume of goods to share the cost of the production. Some people may have questions about why your price can be so low, first: YTPIONEER brand Electric Side Steps are designed in Chengdu, China, with first-tier metropolitan engineers,  and the production factory is arranged in China's third-tier city to reduce costs. Second: The brand products produced by us are now equipped for BYD Tang, Honda Acura, and Chery Jietu. Because the quantity is relatively large, so the design and development cost has been shared heavily. Third: Strict cost control, the only factory in China that has passed international certification, the production of the assembly line guarantees the quality of the products and controls the cost.


Nowadays, the price of Electric Side Steps on the market, taking the USA market as an example, is about $1,100-1,500 per set when it is in the hands of final consumers. The price in China is about 600 US dollars. The installation of Electric Side Steps in China is one of the standard upgrading of  most SUV owners, and the sales volume is quite amazing. Therefore, YTPIONEER car Electric Side Step has accumulated a lot of experience in this field and is able to provide very competitive price and service internationally. We welcome global auto dealers to visit us and order products.

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